Ed KinmanEdward L. Kinman is a professor of Geography in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at Longwood University. Ed also serves as the State Coordinator of the Virginia Geographic Alliance. Early in his career he wrote fundraising letters and public relations material for MAP International, a global nonprofit health organization. Due to his travels to document MAP’s work in Latin America, he became interested to pursue doctoral studies in geography. After conducting dissertation research in Bolivia, he joined the Geography Department at the University of Missouri and worked on a number of projects in nursing, public health, anthropology, rural sociology, and geography. At Longwood, he continued interdisciplinary work by team-teaching a course in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem for seven years with colleagues in art, English, sociology, biology, and mathematics. Most recently, he has led professional teacher institutes with historians at Stratford Hall on the Potomac River and application of geo-literacy approaches to environmental education within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.