Doc KleinKevin “Doc” Klein is currently the President of Uncharted Territories Inc. based out of Asheville, North Carolina, a consulting firm focused on whole systems development for communities, organizations, and social networks of citizens. Much of his work over the last 25 years has involved creating readiness for diverse groups of stakeholders to tackle complex issues and fostering a dialogue that goes beyond blame and finger pointing. This readiness has typically required a variety of approaches including focus groups, systems thinking, experiential learning, and scenario planning. Mr. Klein, worked for over seventeen years with Outward Bound, including a seven year stint as the Director of the Kurt Hahn Leadership Center, which worked predominately with K-16 schools systems to foster performance improvement not only with test scores, but with community engagement, citizenship, and health.  Previous clients included Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Interface Flor as well as an educational foundation on a systemic statewide school development initiative in Delaware; a major diabetes initiative with the CDC; and a HIV project in Los Angeles.