Ed Maggart received his BA in Chemistry from Sewanee University in 1980 and subsequently worked as a researcher for Union Carbide in the Environmental Sciences Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Ed transitioned to his career in education in 1981 at Asheville School, an independent high school in Asheville, North Carolina. Ed became director of the school’s outdoor program in 1985. Ed led a Professional Development group that assisted teachers in creating experiential curricula for classes of all disciplines. He taught chemistry, environmental science, and physics. While at Asheville School, Ed completed his MA in Adventure/Experiential Education from Prescott College. In 2013 Ed was selected as Head of School for The College School in St. Louis Missouri. The College School (TCS) is a preK – 8th grade independent day school. The focus in early childhood at TCS is Reggio Emilia, an experiential approach to early childhood education based on the schools of Reggio Emilia Italy. In grades 1-8 core academic work in math, science, language arts, and social studies is integrated into a theme-based experiential framework emphasizing collaboration and authentic products. Students spend a significant amount of time exploring the world outside the classroom through urban studies as well as forays into the natural world facilitated by the school’s extensive adventure education program.

Ed is involved in experiential education on a national level. He has done presentations at a number of conferences including SE Regional AEE, International AEE, PEAK, Alpine Towers International, and North Carolina Association of Independent Schools. Ed serves as treasurer for the AEE Board of Trustees, having previously been SE Regional Co-chair. In 2010 Ed received the Rebecca L. Carver ABC’s award from AEE for his work in experiential education. Ed has also been very active in the Independent School Experiential Education Network (ISEEN). Since moving to St. Louis, Ed has helped found a regional non-profit called the Experiential Education Exchange, which focuses on collaboration of regional organizations around the power of experiential education.

Personally, Ed loves outdoor adventure and has enjoyed climbing, kayaking, skiing, caving, trekking, scuba diving, and cultural exploration in 36 countries on six continents. Ed’s wife, Sue, who also loves spending time outdoors, is a nurse as well as an avid runner. They have one daughter, Jessica, who teaches English at a public high school in Columbia, SC.