Churchill Archives: Educational Resources for the K-12 Classroom

CISPROJECT SUMMARY:  Building on the successful launch of Churchill for Schools by Bloomsbury, Mink’ED has identified a series of unmet needs identified for these educational resources. Central to this proposal is a belief that online resources must be supported with user-focused training, network building, and a narrative repository of best practices. Paradoxically, the hyper-abundence of digital resources has created the same inaccessibility of those resources for teachers.  Massive digital archives are not useful without the appropriate guides to help even savvy educators locate, curate, and use primary sources documents.  The real value of this project is the judicious integration of primary source documents from the CIS collection into pedagogically sound models that disseminate, promote, and network.

Rapidly growing focus on blended learning and online learning positions this project to increase the scope and impact of the digital resources through a series of online webinars. These virtual sessions emphasize and model the inquiry-based approach that was explicit in the original project, train participants in the process of using CIS assets, and require new uses of the resources in the course assessment.

View the entire online collection at the Churchill Archive.

FUNDING & SUPPORT: Funding was made possible by Bloomsbury Publishing.

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