CRF Lesson Plan Review

CRF_pri_rgbStart Date: September 2015

PROJECT SUMMARY:  In collaboration with the NC Civics Education Consortium at UNC-CH and the Constitutional Rights Foundation, we are recruiting ten North Carolina teachers who can provide authentic and practice-based feedback on their lesson plans, particularly related to how effective they are in helping teach the standards (NC Essential Standards and/or Common Core).

Selected teachers are participating in one CRF fall webinar (45 minutes – 1 hour) that focus on five provocative topics in civics education.  Next, they implemented a lesson plan from CRF’s Common Core initiative in their classroom this fall.  In general, these lessons covered Government, US History, and World History topics for middle and secondary grades.  Finally, they provided comments and feedback on the lesson post‐implementation.

PARTNERS: NC Civic Education Consortium at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and Constitutional Rights Foundation


Team Biosketches



Tracey Barrett



Cindy Rains