When We Were British

When We Were British Webinar FlyerPROJECT SUMMARY: This project created a labspace in which university and education professionals from three countries worked together to design a leveled curriculum that explored the themes and threads between early America and British histories. This team collected, curated, and visualized digital assets from the National Archives (UK) that explore key themes of British impact and influence in the development of Early America. Once assembled, these documents have been visualized using geoliteracy concepts – and supported with instructional design approaches.

PROJECT GOALS: The final result is a teacher-created guide to using the National Archives materials in an inquiry-based classroom with an emphasis on the following: – Geoliteracy in the classroom – Interdisciplinary approaches that support C3 Framework – Use of innovative place-based technology – Elementary, middle, secondary (including AP) instructional models.

FUNDING & SUPPORT: Funding was made possible by the joint support of the North Carolina Geographic Alliance and the Virginia Geographic Alliance. Special considerations were given by the National Archives of the United Kingdom.

iBook Download
Download When We Were British (2015) iBook here.
Chapters include:
1. Social Media in North Carolina (Library & Media Sciences)
2. Place and  Identity (English & Language Arts)
3. West Indies & the American Revolution (AP World History)
4. Colonial American Servitude (US History grades 9-12)
5. Scottish Migration to North Carolina (English & Language Arts)
6. From Treaties to Treason (Modern World History)
7. Coffee Houses: Crucibles of Revolution (World Cultures)
8. What Can I See? (World Geography)
9. Settlement of the Carolinas (AP US History)
10. Going Dutch, French, and Spanish (AP Human Geography)
11. Coast Stories (AP US History)