Mink’ED Project Teams

lake-roosevelt-national-recreation-area-n2-northDayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park Education & Interpretative Plan (start date: January 2016)
This project provides a detailed education and interpretative plan for the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park that emphasizes the role of place and site as a teaching tool.

IMG_0968 smMore Than a Dot (start date: summer 2016; completion date: September 2016)
This three-day professional development institute will train up to 24 teachers who work with ESL and first generation students.  Recruitment will focus on developing a cohort of teachers who can implement the training and who can develop an interdisciplinary approach to project-based learning.  The audience will be content teachers, curriculum support staff, ESL specialists, tech support specialists.

IMG_0968 smPlacing Primary Sources (start date: November 2016)
This project creates a series of curriculum design activities that use geospatial tools to curate and visualize rich materials from the Library of Congress. Placing Primary Sources: Using GIS to enhance classroom access and application of Library of Congress resources will develop a strong understanding of the inquiry-based approach of LoC by emphasizing teacher agency and technology integration.



Mapping the Cultural Landscape of the Transatlantic Slave Trade (start date: summer 2017)
This project assembles a team of teachers and scholars to lead field-level research in the cultural landscape of Barbados, a key point in the triangle trade of the Transatlantic Slave economy.   Once collected, these documents and evidence will be mapped using innovative geospatial technology for the use in secondary level classrooms.



HomePageGENIP smlrPutting Social Studies in Its Place: Using GIS to Enhance the Social Studies Classroom (next course dates: October 3 – November 4, 2016)
“Putting Social Studies in its Place” is a 5-week online course designed and delivered by two practicing social studies teachers well-versed in classroom application of geospatial technologies and geo-literacy.

Understanding America’s Complex Relationship with the Arab World (start date: February 2016; completion date: June 2016)
This project targets up to 30 middle and secondary grades educators, including US History, World History, Geography, Human Geography teachers, library and media center specialists, curriculum coaches for an immersive two-day colloquium on how to train the complex content of Arab-American relations.  Host sites will include Oklahoma University, University of Washington, University of Central Florida, and Rice University.


Hopewell_Anthracite_FurnaceHopewell Furnace National Historic Site Education & Interpretative Plan (start date: December 2015; completion date: October 2016)
This project provides a detailed education and interpretative plan for the Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site that emphasizes the role of place and site as a teaching tool.
lake-roosevelt-national-recreation-area-n2-northLake Roosevelt National Recreation Area Education & Interpretative Plan (start date: January 2016; completion date: July 2016)
This project provides a detailed education and interpretative plan for the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area that emphasizes the role of place and site as a teaching tool.
history united collage smFinding Our Roots: Food, Family, and History in the Dan River Region (start date: December 2016; completion date: June 2016)
History United is sponsoring a new competition for middle grades students to inspire a sense of community agency, involvement, and understanding.  Teams of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will create media-based interpretations of key sites in the Dan River Region.  Modeled after the History Harvest, each team will collect primary source documents, engage community leaders, and produce projects that contribute to an understanding of the area.  Winners will be named in each category, and these three teams will take an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. to tour key historical museums and sites.
NCOBS squareNCOBS Center for Educational Leadership (start date: September 2015; completion date: September 2016)
Capitalizing on the successful work of the Educators Initiative since 2008, this project is creating a professional organization to support the transformative work of the North Carolina Outward Bound School in schools and classrooms across the United States.
charles-darwin-quote smHistory Feuds (anticipated start date: summer 2016)
History Feuds is a cloud-based gaming experience that allows players to debate key topics in history through the personalities of the past.  Fueled by rich primary source materials and careful analysis, this player-directed experienced leverages the familiar social media platforms of today to examine and argue these key understandings.
CRF smWebinar and Lesson Review – Constitutional Rights Foundation (start date: September 2015; completion date December 2015)
A team of twelve expert teacher leaders from across North Carolina are reviewing and implementing lessons and classroom materials developed by CRF.
doorwayThey Closed Their Schools: A Community Response to Segregated Education, 1951-1963 (TBA)
This project will use a combination of community archival work, inquiry-based curriculum design, and innovative technology to create a forum that will provide a deeper understanding of this era and its consequences.
Uniting Invisible HistoriesUniting Invisible Histories
The Uniting Invisible Histories project will create a web platform that provides greater access and curation of the unique historical materials gathered through the History Harvest program.
social justiceSocial Justice in Social Studies Teacher Education (start date: fall 2015)
This series of research studies is exploring the ways in which in-service professional development and pre-service teacher programs impact social justice issues through instructional choices.
ChronoCards: the American RevolutionChronoCards: the American Revolution (start date: January 2016; completion date: December 2016)
The Chrono Cards: American Revolution project is a set of two card games that utilizes digital media to guide middle school students in their demonstration of historical knowledge and practice of historical thinking skills.
NCSS-LogoPutting Social Studies in Its Place: Using GIS to Enhance the Social Studies Classroom (start date: October 2015; completion date: January 2016)
“Putting Social Studies in its Place” will be a 5-week online course designed and delivered by two practicing social studies teachers well-versed in classroom application of geospatial technologies and geo-literacy.
TransPacific Teacher Scholars ProgramTransPacific Teacher Scholars Program: Applying Innovative Visualization Technology to Research, Teaching, and Learning (anticipated start date: fall 2016)
This project will assemble an interdisciplinary cohort of Transpacific Teacher Scholars that will create innovative new ways to use emergent instructional technologies. This serialized collection of resources and materials will focus on four key sites in Vietnam
project_TidesOfRevolution_TTides of Revolution: The Hermione Game
Tides of Revolution: The Hermione Game is a Web-based exploration of the background of the events leading to the climax of the American Revolution, the surrender of the British army under Cornwallis at Yorktown. Congress.
churchill for schoolsChurchill Archives in Schools (start date: July 2015; completion date: April 2016)
Rapidly growing focus on blended learning and online learning positions this project to increase the scope and impact of the digital resources through a series of online webinars. These virtual sessions emphasize and model the inquiry-based approach that was explicit in the original project, train participants in the process of using CIS assets, and require new uses of the resources in the course assessment.  12 webinars are being produced and launched with co-sponsorship.
bourgoisChronoZoom TimeBook: The American Citizen
The American Citizen TimeBook aims to provide training in the use of primary source materials to that explore the evolution of citizenship in American history.  With an explicit belief that there is a regional and local view of national narratives, this TimeBook will organize digital materials from the Library of Congress to show the deep and complicated evolution of the concept of citizen.
Making Civil Rights Radio Digital (start date: April 2015; completion date: January 2016)Making Civil Rights Radio Digital
This project seeks to identify, digitize, interpret and make public for the first time in decades program recordings from non-commercial and African American radio stations in the civil rights era through an innovative, dynamic, opensource, and open-ended online platform.


calderwoodCalderwood Writing Project (start date: April 2015; completion date: July 2015)
The Calderwood Writing Initiative, a Boston, MA based organization that sponsors a variety of educational programs, developed a series of online history lessons which will be made available to teachers throughout the country. Mink’ED partnered with Hezel Associates, an educational research and evaluation firm in Syracuse, NY, to assess the quality of two of these history lessons by soliciting opinions from people who have experience teaching U.S. History.
North Carolina to NormandyNC-to-Normandy (start date: May 2015; completion date: January 2016)
Nearly seven decades after landing on the Normandy coastline on June 6, 1944 with the aim to liberate France, two veterans returned to those same beaches.  This project traces the year-long service project engineered by four high school students that allowed these soldiers to participate in the 70th anniversary in June 2014.
ESRI ConnectEdESRI ConnectED (start date: February 2015; completion date: July 2015)
Hosted by the Virginia Geographic Alliance and Longwood University, this grant-funded institute provided select  teachers with the opportunity to immerse in the concepts of geoliteracy and explore new approaches to interdisciplinary projects in their classrooms.
ChronoZoom TimeBooksChronoZoom TimeBook: Library of Congress Edition (start date: May 2015; completed date: February 2016)
U.S. History TimeBook: Library of Congress Edition provides training in the use of primary source materials to teach U.S. history by leveraging the innovative opportunities of digital technology.
History Harvest Project PartnersHistory Harvest (start date: January 2015; completion date: November 2015)
More than a crowd-sourcing project, the goal of the History Harvest is to create a series of opportunities to collect and share historical documents, family records and memories, and first person narratives from communities across southside Virginia (Pittsylvania County, Danville City, Henry County, Patrick County, and Halifax County) and northern North Carolina (Caswell County, Rockingham County, Guilford County, and Person County).
Center for Digital StorytellingDigital Storytelling: Connecting Scholarship, Teaching, and Community Engagement (start date: pending) Our goal is to promote the value of digital scholarship and pedagogy by designing and piloting three tiered and interconnected digital storytelling projects designed to affect and improve university programming.  This consortium of three major research universities (Duke University, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Virginia Tech) will provide opportunities for implementation on different levels.  Ideally, successful pilots will serve as a contagion for further thinking about digital scholarship on each campus as well as models for other universities.


When We Were BritishWhen We Were British (start date: December 2014; completion date: December 2015)
This project created a labspace in which university and education professionals from three countries worked together to design a leveled curriculum that explores the themes and threads between early America and British histories.
Churchill ArchivesChurchill Archives: Educational Resources for the K-12 Classroom (start date: November 2014; completion date: October 2015)
Using digital resources and best practice history instruction, our curriculum design team created a series of inquiry-based investigations that allows teachers, students, and classrooms to engage in investigations on the role and influence of Sir Winston Churchill in the major events of the 20th century.
Carter G. Woodson Home National Historic SiteCarter G. Woodson Home National Historic Site Education & Interpretative Plan (start date: November 2014; completion date: January 2016)
This project provides a detailed education and interpretative plan for the Carter G. Woodson Home National Historic Site that emphasizes the role of place and site as a teaching tool.
flipSerious Sims: Transforming Gaming in the Digital Humanities (completion date: September 2014)  Mink’ED created a bridge between scholar and Sim by providing outreach facilitation and support by providing instructional facilitation for all training workshops, including appropriate planning time with scholars and authors.
iSTEM: Integrating Humanities and STEM Classrooms Using GIS TechnologyiSTEM: Integrating Humanities and STEM Classrooms Using GIS Technology (start date: September 2014; completion date: October 2015)  The iSTEM Geospatial Technology curriculum introduces and trains teachers in the interdisciplinary application of geospatial technologies. Whether it is in the form of a course elective, after-school club, or a regular classroom “push in” activities, the iSTEM curriculum can have an immediate impact on their school and students.  Multi-media curriculum resources are available, and workshop and institute trainings can be scheduled.
scrabble2 sqScrabble School Curriculum Guide (completion date: September 2013)  Working in collaboration with the Scrabble School Foundation, Mink’ED developed digital instructional materials meant to supplement curriculum resources onsite during a field trip and/or in the classroom. The final materials corresponded with the K-6 Virginia State Standards of Learning for African-American history.
1619 icon sm1619 and the Making of America:  Race, Culture, Civility, and Citizenship in Early America (completion date: September 2014)  This project two symposia and teacher workshops that focus on the development of the colonies beginning in 1619, which eventually transformed early America.  Open to scholars, K-12 teachers, and the general public, the programs were hosted at Norfolk State University (NSU) and Hampton University (HU).  These programs were recorded and available via podcasts and the project website.
Fort_Monroe_Map SMFort Monroe National Historic Site Education & Interpretative Plan (completion date: September 2009)  Decommissioned in 2007, Fort Monroe transitioned from the most important military training installation on the east coast to a site of education, tourism, and commerce.  Working in partnership with Interprets Solution, Mink’ED created a blueprint for educational interpretation that was the basis of the new use and utility of the site.
jefferson smThomas Jefferson and the Boisterous Seas of Liberty (completion date: April 2012)  In partnership with the Monticello Foundation, we created a working team of teachers who have experience in curriculum development, classroom teaching, and differentiated approaches to using online resources and digital tools. This team reviewed all primary source and framing materials in the exhibition and determine how they would be best organized for classroom use, recommended social media capabilities to enhance instruction, and developed suggested strategies and the best approach for including framing materials.