Mink’ED excels at working on innovative approaches to education.  I have been fortunate to have worked with Andy for the past 3 years, and Andy has not only the eye for finding subject experts from different horizons and for bringing them together, but he is also outstanding at bringing the best out of his assembled “Mink’ED” teams.  Andy Mink’s innovative views, dynamism, and know-how always produce meaningful, interactive and cutting-edge educational resourcesprofessional development as well as teaching and learning products.  If you are looking to advance deep collaboration between Teaching and Schools, Scholarship and Universities and/or Technology and Businesses, then look no further Andy Mink is the person you are looking for!

Celine Ascas Wormwood

Francophone Africa Project Coordinator, Francophone Africa

In a climate where teachers are often ignored, disrespected, or devalued, Andy Mink brings a refreshing professionalism, respect, and love for the work of teachers.  I, for one, appreciate his expertise in digital history and his willingness to allow me to “do digital history” on projects with him.  His innovative ideas and historical understandings have been valuable to me in my work as a social studies educator.

Jamie Lathan, PhD

Dean, Distance Education; History Teacher, North Carolina School of Science & Math

I have been involved with numerous projects with Andy Mink. They have stood out as professional development opportunities, head and shoulders, in terms of the quality of support and opportunities for deep thinking. After each experience, the professional bonds made have gone on to become longstanding networks that I draw on repeatedly to the benefit of my students.

Katie Hunter

History Teacher, St. Thomas of Aquin’s High School, Edinburgh, Scotland

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