I have worked on half a dozen or more international projects with Mink’ED. Each one has been genuinely transformative in some way for the participants. Mink’ED always seems to find interesting and creative ways to open up new perspectives on teaching and learning and personal and professional development. Whether through inspired use of technology or through targeted experiential programmes or simply through bringing teams of people together who have the right experience and the right chemistry to bring about transformation, Mink’ED always delivers in my experience.

Ben Walsh

Deputy President, The Historical Association

Having worked with him in various capacities since we met at UVa more than 10 years ago, I’ve watched Andy masterfully manage the subtleties of balancing content, pedagogy, and technology on complex education projects. He’s got an amazing grasp of what really matters for teachers and students, and is great fun to work with.

Kirk Knestis

CEO, Hezel Associates

Andy Mink’s expertise with teaching, education trends, and technology reflects his global approach to 21st-century education. Andy uses his considerable academic and administrative skills to turn challenges into opportunities; he listens carefully to stakeholders, inspiring innovative outcomes. What I most appreciate is Andy’s integrity as a professional educator and visionary thinker.

Lisa Heuvel

Manager, Program Development Initiatives, Education Outreach, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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