I have worked on half a dozen or more international projects with Mink’ED. Each one has been genuinely transformative in some way for the participants. Mink’ED always seems to find interesting and creative ways to open up new perspectives on teaching and learning and personal and professional development. Whether through inspired use of technology or through targeted experiential programmes or simply through bringing teams of people together who have the right experience and the right chemistry to bring about transformation, Mink’ED always delivers in my experience.

Ben Walsh

Deputy President, The Historical Association

Andy Mink has a passion for breathing new life into forgotten moments of time and how they can be used to learn and teach in ways that are creative, collaborative, and inspiring. He challenges all of us who have worked with him to bring forth new light on subjects across the curriculum and through the ages. He leads us on a journey of discovery that will empower and humanize us, as individuals and as part of organizations that define our life’s work. His reach of experience extends from the elementary student to the university scholar—all of whom learn new ways to ask questions, to develop solutions to complex issues, and to turn the tide of humanity toward a more humane and sustainable future.

Alton Ballance

Center Fellow, North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching

Mink’ED excels at working on innovative approaches to education.  I have been fortunate to have worked with Andy for the past 3 years, and Andy has not only the eye for finding subject experts from different horizons and for bringing them together, but he is also outstanding at bringing the best out of his assembled “Mink’ED” teams.  Andy Mink’s innovative views, dynamism, and know-how always produce meaningful, interactive and cutting-edge educational resourcesprofessional development as well as teaching and learning products.  If you are looking to advance deep collaboration between Teaching and Schools, Scholarship and Universities and/or Technology and Businesses, then look no further Andy Mink is the person you are looking for!

Celine Ascas Wormwood

Francophone Africa Project Coordinator, Francophone Africa

Having worked with him in various capacities since we met at UVa more than 10 years ago, I’ve watched Andy masterfully manage the subtleties of balancing content, pedagogy, and technology on complex education projects. He’s got an amazing grasp of what really matters for teachers and students, and is great fun to work with.

Kirk Knestis

CEO, Hezel Associates

I’ve worked with Andy Mink over the past decade and have the utmost respect for his and Mink’ED’s passion and abilities in escalating quality of the teaching of history in the K-12 classroom. His pioneering work at UVa’s Virginia Center for Digital History brought cutting-edge digital history scholarship and use of digital primary sources directly to classroom teachers. I have seen Mink’ED deftly manage large projects that connected multiple schools systems, universities, and consultants into a unified experience that raised the bar in education. Mink’ED is not afraid to thoughtfully apply state of the art solutions to real world problems in a way that works for teachers.
Bill Ferster

Research Professor, Center for Technology and Teacher Education (CTTE) at the Curry School of Education, and the Science, Humanities and Arts Network of Technological Initiatives (SHANTI) at the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Virginia

In a climate where teachers are often ignored, disrespected, or devalued, Andy Mink brings a refreshing professionalism, respect, and love for the work of teachers.  I, for one, appreciate his expertise in digital history and his willingness to allow me to “do digital history” on projects with him.  His innovative ideas and historical understandings have been valuable to me in my work as a social studies educator.

Jamie Lathan, PhD

Dean, Distance Education; History Teacher, North Carolina School of Science & Math

Andy Mink’s expertise with teaching, education trends, and technology reflects his global approach to 21st-century education. Andy uses his considerable academic and administrative skills to turn challenges into opportunities; he listens carefully to stakeholders, inspiring innovative outcomes. What I most appreciate is Andy’s integrity as a professional educator and visionary thinker.

Lisa Heuvel

Manager, Program Development Initiatives, Education Outreach, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

I have been fortunate to know and collaborate with Andy Mink for several years. He has a unique ability to bring together diverse minds and voices to a common teaching and learning table: school teachers, university professors, administrators, and museum curators, among others. Mink is fully committed to innovation and excellence in education across all levels, to successful teacher development, and to the collaborative creation of cutting-edge pedagogical methods and teaching materials.

Luis Fernandez-Martinez

Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Central Florida

I have been involved with numerous projects with Andy Mink. They have stood out as professional development opportunities, head and shoulders, in terms of the quality of support and opportunities for deep thinking. After each experience, the professional bonds made have gone on to become longstanding networks that I draw on repeatedly to the benefit of my students.

Katie Hunter

History Teacher, St. Thomas of Aquin’s High School, Edinburgh, Scotland