Leadership Training: Teaching & Learning From the Inside Out

Leadership TrainingWith an emphasis on experiential learning, we create, organize, and implement staff trainings and leadership development programs with schools, community organizations, and non-profit companies. Each program is customized to the team and aims to meet the following goals:

(1) To strengthen the competency and experiences of leaders to more effectively lead at all levels of the team/organization
(2) To build a strong sense of belonging and strengthening the individual and collective sense of purpose for the team’s work together
(3) To develop the skills for authentic communication with one another that fosters improved productivity and builds a strong esprit de corps

Each member of the client team will design and plan their best year ever.  Trainings are created to focus on four specific skills sets needed to improve performance in the organization. They include:

  • Communication
    Communication involves three key areas of focus: (a) our intention for communicating, (b) what we communicate, and (c) how we communicate. This session explores all three areas of focus in an active hands-on way with a focus on the motivations and intention behind communicating.
  • Systems Thinking
    Building a common language around performance improvement involves the ability to measure the right measures over time and understand what drives the success of those measures. Every sales team should understand both their own system they are a part of and the systems their clients live in. Doing this will help make you a better sales person and help you leverage resources and time more productively.
  • Social Intelligence
    Social intelligence is the ability to understand the complex range of human experience, emotions, and motivations to achieve shared desired outcomes that allow you to thrive and flourish. While some people have a natural disposition to doing this, there are specific skill sets that can help any sales team do so more effectively. This session helps any team better assess current reality, get clear on motivation/aspirations, and take the right actions towards success.
  • Visioning
    This session is about creating your future, versus reacting to reality. Most of us are pretty good problem solvers, but the ability to create your desired future often feels like a hit and miss proposition. By helping your team members understand the process of creating, versus problem solving and what ways we sabotage our efforts, sales team members can be more proactive versus reactive.

Experiential training programs can be flexible to respond to the timelines and parameters provided.  These action plans will be aspirational yet practical, and each team member will have an opportunity to commit to a sustainable application to their professional and personal lives.

Previous clients have included university partners (Alaska Pacific University, University of North Carolina – Greensboro, University of Virginia Teaching Resource Center, University of Canterbury), private businesses (Grand Classroom, Magna Online Seminars with University of Madison-Wisconsin), non-profit businesses (North Carolina Outward Bound School), and K-12 school districts (Albemarle County Public Schools, VA).

Mink’ED is proud to partner with Unchartered Territories, Inc. to provide these services.


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