Tides of Revolution: The Hermione Game

project_TidesOfRevolution_MainAnticipated Start Date: January 2016

PROJECT SUMMARY: Tides of Revolution: The Hermione Game is a Web-based exploration of the background of the events leading to the climax of the American Revolution, the surrender of the British army under Cornwallis at Yorktown. The game is designed to help players develop a contextual understanding of these historic events, including the political climate in late 18th century Europe and America. Players will also acquire knowledge of 18th century sciences, technologies, engineering, humanities, arts, and mathematics. The central action of the game will follow the Marquis de Lafayette, a Major General in the Continental Army and confidant of George Washington, as he secures support for the American cause from King Louis XVI of France and witnesses the building of L’Hermione which transports him back from France to Boston.

Tides of Revolution: The Hermione Game will combine badge or insignia-based accomplishment, and a Digital Object Library (DOL), and include an e-portfolio in support of formative assessments. As a Web-based learning resource the game, with all of its content assets for game play and reference, will be accessible anytime/anywhere. Initial design support for the game came from The Ford Foundation.

PARTNERS:  This project will be based on collaboration and partnership with Friends of Hermione, National Council for History Education, Mount Vernon, Bluespark, and Rockman EA.  Support is provided by Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Delaware Foundation for the Humanities, and National Council for Teachers of English.

FUNDING & SUPPORT: Funding pending from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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