TransPacific Teacher Scholars Program: Applying Innovative Visualization Technology to Research, Teaching, and Learning (anticipated start date: fall 2015)

TransPacific Teacher Scholars ProgramPROJECT SUMMARY: This project has the ambitious goal of not simply plugging the historic sites that represent the most iconic of Vietnam history into many disciplines. Instead, we are creating an innovative and holistic guide on how to use technology to enhance the integration of STEM and humanities content. We will provide validation and legitimacy to a disciplinary approach that spans multiple content and curricula. Explicit in the goals of this proposal, we believe that it was necessary to build a strong historical understanding of Vietnam in order to provide the appropriate resources and training to teachers of other disciplines.

With these principles in mind, we will assemble an interdisciplinary cohort of Transpacific Teacher Scholars that will create innovative new ways to use emergent instructional technologies. This serialized collection of resources and materials will focus on four key sites in Vietnam. The working team will work together to embed the best practices of their disciplinary approach into a collective project. The team will receive training as a large group as well as individualized training by discipline. This robust training matrix will provide a panoramic approach to the curriculum, and we will put a high premium on interdisciplinary connections.

The context of this work will be underscored by field work and cultural immersion made possible by partnership with the University of Education, Vietnam National University, Ha Noi.

FUNDING & SUPPORT: Funding pending from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam.


Team Biosketches