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: Since 2008, the North Carolina Outward Bound School has supported transformative professional and personal growth in educators through a year-long professional development program called the Educators Initiative.  With an annual cohort ranging from 24-48 teachers from dozens of public and independent schools on the eastern seaboard, the EI ties the best practice methodologies of experiential education in with practical implementation.  Designed to provide opportunities to push boundaries and rethink approaches to instruction and classroom culture, this program leverages a classic 8-day Outward Bound experience to a strong community of teachers and learners.

PROJECT GOALS: Mink’ED serves as the lead design team for an expansion and extension of this network of experientially-focused schools and educators in the creation of the Center for Experiential Learning.  As a professional network, the Experiential Educators Network will:

  • Raise awareness and grow the Educators Initiative
  • (re)Engage alumni of the Educators Initiative and UNC School of Education MEDX programs to serve as recruiters, mentors, and “champions” for NCOBS programs for both teachers and students
  • Initiate research documenting outcomes of current educator programs
  • Create a professional community of experiential educators who are committed to integrating Outward Bound’s educational vision in their classrooms and schools
  • Develop and provide on-line resources for members of this community
  • Expand network of partner schools (K-12 and higher education)

FUNDING & SUPPORT: Funding was made possible by the North Carolina Outward Bound School.

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