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Mink has co-authored and published numerous articles that explore the practice and impact of hands-on teaching and learning.  His particular interests include experiential instructional design in professional development for in-service educators.  These pieces are generally focused on practice rather than research – and the narrative impact of immersive training projects on teacher attitude, aptitude, and application to practice.
Anderson, A., Mink, A., O’Sullivan, R., & Richards, C. “Evaluation of North Carolina Outward Bound
Educators Initiative”, Evaluation, Assessment, and Policy Connections (EvAP) at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, 2008

Education Journals
LaPrad, J. & Mink, A. “The ECHO Model of Experiential Education”, Faculty Focus

Mink, A. & O’Steen, B., spring 2002, “Bringing Experiential Education from the Summit of Everest to Salisbury”, Horizons

Mink, A, 2002 “Learning From The Inside Out”, Journal of Outward Bound Education

Mink, A., & O’Steen, 2003, “Reaching Beyond the Choir: Taking Experiential Education Down From The Mountain and Into The Public School”, Journal of Experiential Education, Volume 25, No. 3

Bolick, C., Friedman, A., Lee, J., & Mink, A. “Who Was Thaddeus Lee?: Using the 1940 Digitized Census for Personalized Historical Inquiry”, Social Education, Mar/Apr 2013

Mink, A. & Ray, N. “Beyond Downton Abbey: Remembering the Great War’s Fallen through Education and Marketing”, Atlantic Marketing Journal, 2014

Mink, A. & Ray, N. “Commemoration And Poppies: Cambridge, And Other American Battle Monuments Commission Cemeteries’ Mission In Anniversary Years”, Oxford Journal, Volume 10, Issue 1, Spring 2015.

Bunin, C., Mink, A., & Stavitski, J. “Girl Scout Cookies and World Cup Champs: Supporting Student Learning with Immersive Teacher Professional Development in Geospatial Technology,” Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education (CITE) 2016 Special Edition – Geospatial. (submitted)

Policy Papers
Mink, A. and 47 others, “The Next Generation of History Teachers: A Challenge to Departments of History at American Colleges and Universities”, endorsed and published by the National Council for History Education, American Historical Association, and Organization of American Historians (2007)

Book & Chapter Proposals
LaPrad, J., Mink, A. & O’Steen, B., “Explore, Create, Harvest, Own: An Experiential Approach to Professional Development for Educators”, Theory of Experiential Education (4th ed.), chapter proposal (reviewed fall 2009)

mediaPublicity & Media

“A Classroom Big as All Outdoors”, A&S Online, October 1, 2001

“Think Mink: Taking Kids Back to Nature”, The Hook, November 6, 2003

“It’s History” University of Virginia College of Arts & Sciences Online, November 2005.

“Virtual Jamestown: Digital Resources Bringing History to the Computer”, Arts & Sciences Magazine, August 2006

“Digging History”, The Daily Progress, May 5, 2007.

Lessons Learned: Teaching American History Project, National Clearinghouse for History Education, 2008 “Flexible Grant Design”

Lessons Learned: Teaching American History Project, National Clearinghouse for History Education, 2008 “Teachers as Historians, Historians as Teachers”

UVA’s Transatlantic Teacher Scholars Program Promotes Global Approach to American History, UVA Today, March 2011.

“Primary Sources Breathe Life into the Civil War”, Education Week, Apr 20, 2011, Vol. 30, Issue 28, Pages 1, 18-19, 21

2014: Principal Investigator, ChronoZoom, Microsoft Research

GeoMentor Spotlight, October 2016: