Shires, S

Teachers are Superheroes.

Teachers bend wills, see through obstacles, multi-task at warp speed.

Teachers read minds, hover in suspended (dis)belief, and right wrongs.

Mink’ED calls upon these Teacher Superheros to field-research, contribute, author, review, and evaluate all phases of innovative educational curriculum design and school support. In a project-based approach, teams of experts are assembled to address an urgent and unmet need. These projects are not professional development – although all of those involved grow professionally. These projects are meant to harness the expertise of teacher leaders to engage community, business, and school partnerships.

In this blog, we will narrate the adventures of these teams of Superheroes. With a blend of practical and aspirational, these instructional documentaries will introduce you to new ways of approaching the classroom. We will explore new understandings of content and scholarship, and we will share best practice exemplars on how you might share these insights in the K-16 classroom. Technology will be integrated as an instructional tool. In all cases, we will model the importance of Equity, Inquiry, and Collaboration.

Follow these posts – and brainstorm with us to identify a new project.

Superheroes need challenges.