Andy’s vision for project development typifies his approach to education generally and to curricular design in particular: it involves hands-on work by teachers themselves, thinking outside the box, and original innovation, but in ways that mesh with the real classroom needs of educators. From my experience working with Andy, I am confident that his work deeply enriches the educational experiences of both teachers and students.

Heather Streets-Salter

Chair, History Department; Director of World History Programs, Northeastern University

Over the last three years, I have seen Andy Mink’s creativity, practicality and wide range of experience in action in a variety of ways. Whether presenting to a group, assessing proposals or interacting with students, he is thoughtful, engaging and informative. His inclusive approach provides new and meaningful ways of learning for everyone involved.

Lynn Blanchard

Director, Carolina Center for Public Service, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Andy Mink is a powerhouse. I’ve worked with him on various projects over the course of the last 7 years and I never fail to be impressed by his vision, energy, and ability to make exciting things happen. It is not only that he knows a great deal about the landscape of education; he also cares deeply about teachers, students, and curriculum. He doesn’t do mediocre and he doesn’t do half-hearted. Whatever project he takes on he executes with skill and passion because he believes in it and he knows what he is doing. He brings it all together, from master plan to on-the-ground know-how. Whatever educational initiative you’re building, you want Andy and his team helping to make it happen.

Molly Warsh

Assistant Professor, Department of History, World History Center, University of Pittsburgh

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