WoodsonPatricia Woodson created the first online marketplace for professional photography, PHOTONET.  With customers in 23 countries and custom services for National Geographic and France Telecom Patricia remained CEO of the company, which she sold after 12 years of operations.  Her degrees in English and French Literature and a graduate degree in Psychology gave her perspective as she learned the dot.com business through the traditional route of trial by fire.  Patricia has since worked as an executive coach and has led community building and education initiatives.  As a city commissioner she worked to create infrastructure for children and families.  She is an advocate for outdoor experiential education.  Patricia co-founded a Citizen Scientist project, a partnership between the University of Miami, the local community foundation and the Village of Key Biscayne, FL to engage all ages in stewardship of the marine environment. She is on the board of North Carolina Outward Bound School. Patricia now works in support of the Academy of Agents of Change. This experiential high-school science elective includes Outward Bound in a curriculum to facilitate students to become social entrepreneurs. Patricia and her daughters administer a family fund in honor of her mother Dicie Woodson,an educator who devoted her life to improving education and literacy.  Her name now stands for Developing Innovation and Creativity In Education.  Originally from Arlington,VA Patricia lives in Miami, Florida.